Congratulations to the winners of the draw

Congratulations to the winners of the Hooplays "Leave a Review" draw. We used a random number generator to select 5 reviewers. Jon Z Bowser has gathered lots of reviews, so a larger number of the winners were from shows he played. Here are the winners:

Jason Bunch
Review of Jon Z Bowser: Jon was awesome! He had everyone is a great mood the hole trip. Awesome classic songs and some he had made himself. I'd recommend 10/10 !!!!

Amanda Schaefer
Review of John Grover Band: Great blues rock original music. Perfect for dancing! Tight musicians and well worded lyrics. A memorable band!

Review of Jon Z Bowser: This guy sang every request we made. So nice, very approachable. We loved the show! Mahalo!

Craig DuChemin
Review of Brian Massa & Meryl Yecies: "Incredibly talented musicians! They are a MUST SEE when you visit Maui!"

Review of Jon Z Bowser:" Great music great classic rock and blues Awesome voice and funny drinking songs"

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Kelly Covington & Margie Heart
Sun, Nov 19, 2017
Kelly Covington & Margie Heart
Japengo, Lahaina
Duo with Kelly Covington and Margie Heart