Hooplays helps people looking for a fun night out find some great live music while helping local venues and musicians bring people to their shows.

There are handy genre labels and links to video and music so you can get a sense of what a band or artist sounds like before deciding to go see them play.

Audience members can leave reviews, allowing artists to build a reputation and helping future listeners imagine what's in store. Reviews help determine the order of appearance of the shows happening on a given day; crowd-sourcing curates the shows.

So who's looking to discover new live music?

  • It's mostly visitors and people looking for something to do with their visiting friends. Sometimes its locals with a special occassion to celebrate, like a birthday.
  • Most of the people already going to shows are either fans of the band, friends of the band, regulars at a particular bar, or going because they were invited by a friend.
  • Bands and musicians rely heavily on friends and friends of friends in order to have people in their audiences. If they are on top of it with their email list and web presense, they build their following off of these people along with the odd random walk-in.
  • VISITORS and locals trying to entertain visitors are an un-tapped group of live-music discoverers! They have free time. They are open to new experiences. That's who Hooplays is aiming to get in the door. Let's get them out to our shows! Let's ask them to review our bands! Let's let the tour come to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it free?

Yes, Hooplays is a free website. We will never charge musicians to sign up.

2. How can I get my shows to appear at the top of the search results?

Artists with the highest ratings are at the top. Ratings come from audience reviews as well as social media shares. If you want to get your shows to be closer to the top, you can encourage audience members to review your show on Hooplays or you can share your shows on Facebook and Twitter and get your friends to share them too. Since they're more objective, audience reviews are weighted more strongly, but sharing on social media is a quick and easy way to get your shows closer to the top and to encourage people to come see you play!

3. What should I do if I'm having a problem using the site?

We're here to help. Email hooplaysmusic@gmail.com.