Musicians and Bands, Sign Up!

Here’s why you should create a profile:

1. Your time is limited and you can only add your shows to so many listings websites. You want those listings to help bring people out to your shows.

Hooplays does a better job at that than a lot of other sites because it focuses on showing people videos in the show listings. It also displays your genres prominently. This allows people who have never heard of you to hear your sound and be moved to come and see you play live.

2. Gather reviews after your shows, and build a reputation you can use to book more gigs.

Hooplays gives you the opportunity to ask audience members to leave a review for your show. They just need to hit ‘Leave a Review’ in the top menu within 72 hours of your show. The reviews are posted on your profile page where you can direct bookers, agents and anyone else you want to impress.

3. It’s easy to sign up and add your shows. If you play a residency or regular gig, it’s super fast to add all those shows at once.

It’s a beautiful, user-friendly interface that isn’t cluttered with a lot of unnecessary features.

4. We are a grassroots website, continually working to improve and always accepting musician feedback.

We are motivated by a genuine desire to see awesome musicians and bands break through the noise and be heard. We’re rooting for all of you small, independent artists trying to move us with your music. Your creations make the world a better place. Thank you for what you do!

So what exactly is Hooplays?

Hooplays is a web app that helps people find live music...all kinds of live music, not just the ticketed events. It’s a musician-driven website. Most of the shows are added by the musicians themselves, though venues are also encouraged to sign up and add shows. There are handy genre labels and links to video and music so you can get a sense of what a band or artist sounds like before deciding to go see them play.

Audience members can leave reviews, allowing artists to build a reputation and helping future listeners imagine what's in store. Reviews help determine the order of appearance of the shows happening on a given day; crowd-sourcing curates the shows.

Check out the About page for some answers to FAQs.